Long Island Genealogy Calendar

The Genealogy Federation of Long Island publishes a monthly calendar listing the programs being presented by its member genealogy organizations.  The calendar is distributed to all public libraries in Nassau and Suffolk Counties each month except for July and August.  Click below to see the program calendar for upcoming months.

* January 

* February

* March 

* April

* May

* June

* July/August 

* September

* October  New UPDATE

*November  UPDATE

* December

* January 2020


January 2019 calendar PDF

February 2019 calendar PDF

March 2019 calendar   PDF

April 2019 calendar     PDF

May 2019 calendar       PDF

June 2019 calendar       PDF

July/August 2019 calendar   PDF   

September 2019 calendar  PDF

October 2019 calendar     PDF  UPDATE

November 2019 calendar   PDF  UPDATE

December 2019 calendar

January 2020 calendar



Updated: 12/08/2019